[Translation] Female Animator Pays Studio 6000 Yen a Month to Work for Them

This post (title included) is a translation of a post from Otakomu (and about a dozen other matome sites; I’m not sure where it even showed up first) that’s been going around today. Most of the discussion on English-speaking Twitter (at least that I’ve seen) has centered around a single translated image of a pay stub taken from the post. This seemed counterproductive, so I thought I would translate the entire series of tweets to offer people a better look at the situation.

The Twitter account referenced has since been deleted, but a small snapshot of it can be found here, which confirms, at the very least, that one of these tweets was real. The tweets in the snapshot display a similar tone to those here, but unless some other archive shows up, there’s no way to prove for sure the veracity of the specific tweets chosen.

Original tweets and translation follow:

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke
So if you make it to three years as an inbetweener without moving up to key animation, they start charging you 6000 yen a month to use your desk. It’s like they’re silently trying to say, “Get out of here. You don’t have the talent for this work.” Like holy shit. I’ve been working here for three years for peanuts and THAT’S how you treat me? I’m starting to seriously hate this place.

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 9月21日

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke September 21st
Third year inbetweening and I’m paying the studio 6k a month to use my desk, lmao

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 10月31日

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke October 31st
We’re not even full employees! But we’re being ALLOWED to use a desk at the studio’s office! They don’t HAVE to let us! But they do! I’m thrilled! They’re letting me work again today! Thank god for the studio!!!!!! Praise the great studio!!!!!

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke
Just thinking about the people who came before me makes me sick. How they must have felt, being in their third year and going to take the key animator test. How they must have felt doing this work every single day…

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 3時間3時間前

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 3 hours ago
O great and wonderful studio! Ahh, please do not do this to us! Please do not take any more of our paltry income away! We will die without that money!! O studio!!! Have pity on us, great studio!! We’re working harder than anyone!! So please, show us some mercy, O great and wonderful studio!!!!!!!!!!!!

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 22時間22時間前

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 22 hours ago
Also, I’m not a fucking janitor?? Why don’t you hire some actual janitorial services?? And if you can’t afford that, don’t make your fucking staff (not that I’m even an employee) do it.

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 22時間22時間前

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 22 hours ago
I ran into someone who joined around the same time as me on the bus home, and we spent the whole ride back complaining about work together.

“I feel awful, because I’m the only one complaining,” she said. “Everyone else just works and keeps their mouth shut, even though we’re all treated like crap.”

It was great to find someone who felt the same way as me.

This place is seriously fucked up, and everyone else needs to realize that, like right now.

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 1時間1時間前

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 1 hour ago
God praise P.A. Works…

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 10月31日

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke October 31st
Higher-up: “Our company is very well-known within the prefecture. You go into town and say our name and everyone knows us. You need to keep that in mind as you go about your day-to-day life.”

Someone at a town BBQ event: “You’re not making enough money to eat properly, are you? So pack in as much as you can today. (laughs)”

Me: “What are we known FOR, exactly?”

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 10月4日

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke October 4th
The office is in Toyama, so it’s not like I can do anything

[TL note: I have no idea what the context for this is. It’s probably in reference to some other tweet, but the account’s gone, so I can’t see for myself. Possibly grabbed just because it mentioned the studio’s location?]

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke 6月29日

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke June 29th
God, I just want to move to Tokyo. It’s impossible to have any kind of a social life in Toyama.

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke
Saying “but the whole industry’s like this” is just sticking your head in the sand~~ How comically evil do you have to be to charge me a move-in fee right after I finish my training? The month when I’m making next to nothing already.



ぽっけ @hoke_hokke

ぽっけ @hoke_hokke
Oh yeah, three months later I made 67x as much~~!!!!!!!!!! (fuck this)